Midtown Village Printing

Our guide to setting up the printers at The Yard: Midtown Village

Printing Instructions

Please follow the steps below to connect your computer to our printers.

Note: You will only be able to access some of these links while using the Midtown Village WiFi or Ethernet network connection.

You will need two things:

  • 1) Your computer's administrator username and password
  • 2) Your PaperCut username and password, which you can get from your community manager.

Step 1

Please download the proper client for your computer:

Step 2

Please follow the appropriate guide to install the downloaded PaperCut client:

Step 3

Please follow appropriate guide to install the printers on your computer:


  • To change your PaperCut Password, please use this link: Password Change
  • To check your print and transaction history, please login with your username and password at this link: PaperCut User Login
  • The "greyscale" and "color" printers are the same physical machine; we split each printer that way so you can avoid accidental overcharges. We recommend connecting to the color printer only if you find that you have to print in color.
  • When you exceed your allotment, you will be charged 7 cents per page of black and white and 20 cents per page of
  • If you have any questions please feel free to speak to your community manager!