The Yard Spins at The Foxgrove!

The Yard Spins at The Foxgrove!

Last night, The Yard took a class at The Foxgrove, a brand new electronic music and DJ school! Their introductory classes are perfect for beginners and music enthusiasts, and we can't wait to see the coworkers and entrepreneurs in our community take a spin! 

On Tuesday The Yard's team ventured out for a night of spinnin'. That's right, it'll be us in the DJ booth at our next community event! Actually, we might leave that to the professionals.

How The Foxgrove Started Its Den

It was a great time with The Foxgrove, where producer, sound engineer and co-founder, David Maurice, taught us how to loop sounds, drop the beat and crossfade tracks. David founded the school alongside Natalie Lam, previously the Executive Creative Director at Razorfish, in an effort to make music production easy and accessible to everyone. Complete beginners can learn to mix and produce music in a stunning classroom while established artists record their albums in a recording studio on the other side of the wall (seriously!). 

The Yard: Flatiron South Community Manager, DaVonne Bacchus, mixing 1s and 2s! 

Accessible Music Classes for Every Coworker

Whether you're a versed musician, a music enthusiast or even if you find the concept of music completely foreign, go ahead and check out The Foxgrove's classes, which are just blocks away from The Yard's Herald Square and Flatiron locations! No prior experience is needed, and The Yard's members receive a special discount on all classes. Just look for the details on the BackYard! 

The Yard Director of Operations Mozy Shamah & The Yard team putting their skills to the test! 

Each team member of The Yard mixed a selection of songs, and we were pretty impressed with our skills. Can you match us with our DJ names? 

Special thanks to The Foxgrove for showing us such a great time. We can't wait to make music with you again!