Finding Headspace in the Workplace

Finding Headspace in the Workplace

Embodied Workplace led coworking space The Yard: Williamsburg in meditative movement followed by introspective writing and artisanal chocolate. Their workshops bring mindfulness to the workplace and revitalize employees! 

Meditative Movement With Embodied Workplace 

Coworkers at The Yard Williamsburg in Meditative Movement by Embodied Workplace

Earlier this week, members of The Yard: Williamsburg set aside some time to achieve mindfulness amidst a busy work day. We got together with Embodied Workplace to meditate, write and heighten our senses with some artisanal chocolate.

Embodied Workplace brings mindfulness strategies to the workplace to help employees lower stress and improve focus. Their workshops aim to revitalize while enhancing learning, memory, emotion regulation and empathy. 

Achieving Mindfulness in the Coworking Space 

Between meditation sessions, members moved around the room assuming liberating new positions to stretch the body and relieve the mind. Afterwards, we engaged in introspective writing which helped us in understanding the bigger picture and allowed for creative breakthroughs.  

Meditative Movement with Embodied Workplace at The Yard

Afterwards, we indulged in artisanal chocolates to prolong our heightened awareness and end the session on a sweet note!

Special thanks to Embodied Workplace for leading us in Meditative Movement and providing a breath of fresh air during a busy work week!