The Yard's Got a Thing for Green!

The Yard's Got a Thing for Green!

Our good friends at The Sill share their insight on the best desk-side plants to make our personalized office spaces even brighter!

This Spring, The Yard Lower East Side has partnered with our neighborhood friends, The Sill, to bring some extra greenery to our office space. A desk plant is a little sumpin' sumpin' that makes a whole world of difference! Not only do plants enhance the appearance of any office, but they also boost moods, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants, making for healthy, happy employees. 

As a gift from us, new members will receive their very own plant specially picked from The Sill. All members of The Yard will receive a 15% discount in-store with their Yard keychain and online with promo code: PlantsForMyYard

Our top picks below are all low-maintenance plants that tolerate low or artificial light and add a pop of vibrant color to any office space.

1. ZZ Plant 

  • Low-light and low-maintenance 
  • This fellow is practically made for the corner cubicle 
  • Structurally interesting

2. Snake Plant 

  • Low-light and low-maintenance 
  • Pick one with yellow stripes to add an extra pop of color 
  • A retro pick

3. Pothos  

  • Low-light and low-maintenance 
  • A champion that won’t just tolerate office light but will thrive it in 
  • A trailing plant that is easy to propagate

4. Jade Plant 

  • Moderate-light and low-maintenance 
  • A hardy and long lived choice 
  • A popular feng shui plant (its plump emerald leaves symbolize vitality, luck, and money)

5. Peperomia  

  • Moderate-light and low-maintenance 
  • A ton of varieties to choose from 
  • Great choice if you’re looking to add some texture and color to your space

At The Yard, there's no better time than now. We want your office to be your happy place, so surround yourself with green! We'll see you at The Sill.

Photos courtesy of Lauren Juratovac